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Systematic Search and Personal Interview – Cornerstones of a Successful Search

The right placement of management positions is not a matter of good luck or black magic, but the result of moving systematically when searching candidates in Germany and abroad and of carefully selecting candidates by personal interviews. The following project steps have proved to be effective to guarantee that you can be sure to find »just the right one« for your vacancy with our support:


Analysis and Strategy

Together with our clients we work out a detailed profile of the vacancy to be filled developing here from a qualification catalogue of the required candidate.



Our research department will elaborate a detailed survey by carrying out an exact national or international market and salary analysis and systematically indentifying suitable candidates.


Telephone Contact

Getting discreetly in touch with the candidates by a telephone call is the first step of restricting the group of candidates: Is the candidate currently interested in a career change and is a change really useful in view of his / her personal career planning and private situation? Do his / her qualifications an experiences exactly meet our client`s requirements? You will regularly receive written interim reports from us on the progress of the search so that the project status is transparent to you at any time.



personal Interviews

If after the first phone contact we won’t to get to know a candidate in person, we invite the candidate for a comprehensive personal interview in the course of witch ARTEMIS will obtain a detailed impression: Here we focus on professional competence as well as personal appearance and social surroundings. In the course of the interview the suitable candidate will also receive more detailed information on our client and the vacant position. Whenever we want to recommend you a candidate for a certain position, we will introduce him / her to you first of all in a written confidential report.




We will present you the candidates which seem to be most suitable for the vacancy in a personal meeting in your company. Generally, at least one of our consultants will join the meeting. We will advise you before, during and after the presentation of candidates helping you taking the best decision for your company.



Contact an Integration

When company and candidate have almost decided to enter a contact, we will support you during the last steps to be taken, either by obtaining references or by helping setting up the contact. And we will support the clients as well as the new employee with the employee`s integration in the new job surrounding.



The duration of the projects depends on various factors:

Holiday seasons may influence it in the same way as the question whether the project requires a national or international search. 

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